Common Complaints Tesla Model X Owners Have Made About The Luxury EV SUV

While the Tesla Model X has garnered a significant fan base, some owners have expressed certain complaints regarding the luxury electric SUV.  

One common concern relates to the quality and reliability of the falcon-wing doors, which have been reported to experience occasional malfunctions or alignment issues.  

Another complaint revolves around the complex and occasionally unintuitive controls and user interface, which may require a learning curve for some owners.  

Additionally, the Model X's high price point has been a point of contention for some, especially when factoring in optional features and upgrades.  

Finally, concerns have been raised regarding build quality and fit and finish, with reports of interior rattles or issues with panel alignment.   

While these complaints are voiced by a subset of owners,  

it's important to consider individual experiences and Tesla's ongoing efforts to address feedback and improve their vehicles.