Audi RS4 Takes On Tesla Model X P100D In Drag And Rolling Races

Get ready for an exhilarating battle as the Audi RS4 goes head-to-head against the Tesla Model X P100D in both drag and rolling races.

The RS4, known for its sporty performance and dynamic handling, revs up its powerful V6 engine to take on the electric powerhouse.

The Model X P100D, with its instant electric torque.

showcases the lightning-fast acceleration that has become synonymous with Tesla.

Spectators eagerly anticipate the clash of these two formidable vehicles, with each boasting its own unique strengths.

Will the RS4's agility and combustion engine prevail, or will the Model X's electric power and instant torque secure victory?

Watch as these titans of performance go wheel-to-wheel in a thrilling display of speed and power.